Why choose Below the line adverting over Above the line marketing.

Power of Branding

One question many business owners ask is which is better—Below the line advertising (BTL) or above the line (ALT)?

Well, the truth is both are important. However, in certain situations investing more in below the line marketing makes better sense.

What are these situations?

Let’s take a look at them, but not before we understand what these two terms mean.

Below the line (BTL) and Above the line (ATL) Advertising.

ALT advertising involves use of mass media, like TV, print, radio, the Internet, etc., to reach to a wider spread of audience.

It helps you reach out to maximum people, but there’s no personal interaction with customers.

Below the line advertising  (BLT) marketing, on the other hand, is more personalized and may involve email campaigns; telemarketing; distribution of pamphlets, brochures, or stickers; and road shows,corporate gifts among other things.

Advantages of Below the Line Marketing

Below the line advertising (BTL)  makes more sense when:

  • You want to connect personally with the customer. Emails and product demos and samplings at public places give you a chance to connect with your customers.
  • The budget is limited. In comparison to ATL marketing, Below the line advertising (BTL) is significantly less expensive.
  • You want to physically display the product. Product demos and samplings at public places is a great way to showcase your product, so is using contests and giveaways.
  • The target audience is niche. As Below the line advertising (BTL) marketing is geared towards establishing a personal connection with customers, it is the ideal choice when you want to run a targeted campaign.
  • You want to test market a product. Below the line advertising (BTL) allows you to get feedback from your customers in person and better gauge their enthusiasm about your new product or service.


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by Kushinga Kawodza

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