The power of branding your business.

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Branding is a double-edge sword. You do it right, and you create a mighty effective way to connect with your audience. You do it wrong, and people will have a hard time recalling why your business exists in the first place. All said and done, not branding your business because of risks associated with bad branding is akin to buying a car and keeping it in the garage all the time because of the risk of a road accident.
Good Branding is your key to success. Your brand is your business’s face to the world—and much more. It is your company’s name and what it stands for.Utilize the power of branding by keeping the following guidelines in mind when developing your business’s brand:
• Make it brief
Long names may look neat on marquee but are damn hard to remember. Some of the best retail brands use brief names, such as Kohl’s, Chanel, Tiffany’s, or Bloomingdales.
Besides keeping it brief, pick a name that is unique and best summarise your business.
• Be Relatable
Can your business name connect with your target audience? Can the name tell what you do?
Here’s an example to understand how you can pick such a name: A company specializing in collecting data to help retailers better understand consumer behaviour chose the name “BIGresearch”. The name is brief, unique, and most importantly conveys what the company can do for you, the customer.
• Have visual appeal
Your company’s logo should present the desired image and must look visually appealing.
• Be consistent
The number one rule in brand management and marketing is to be consistent. Always use the same font, style, and colour.
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by Kushinga Kawodza

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